“In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.” (Sid Caesar)

Throughout our lives, we will experience in-betweens. I am personally experiencing an in between, and am struggling. I was seeking the Lord on how to approach this, and I felt led to listen to Amanda Cook of Bethel Music, as shared what the Lord was teaching her about patience. She said that the Lord asked her a simple question:

What is patience?

“Well, it’s waiting,” she answered. Waiting on a resolution, waiting on an outcome, waiting on tomorrow. She expressed that all of this waiting made her feel that she couldn’t have peace in the present, and instead felt unsettled, anxious, empty.

Then Lord said to her, “No, here’s the thing – patience is what we do while we wait.”

When we are experiencing an in-between, it can seem to be a place without purpose. It can seem to be a place without possibility. It can seem to be a place without opportunities. It can seem to be a place of passivity. However, this attitude is incorrect – we cannot underestimate an in-between!

The ultimate example of this is Jesus. Author Alicia Britt Chole addressed this, saying:

“Jesus appears to have walked unstressed and unhurried. His peaceful pace seems to imply that he measured himself not by where he was going and how fast he could get there but by whom he was following and how closely they walked together.”

For eighteen years – from twelve years old to thirty years old – there is only one scripture about the life of Jesus. This scripture is Luke 2:52, and it says:

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” 

Even Jesus experienced an in-between! Yet, would we say that it was a place without purpose? A place without possibility? Without opportunities? A place of passivity? Of course not! And it is attributed to this – Jesus esteemed what we often do not.

Even though Jesus was waiting to establish His ministry, and eventually accomplish redemption through His death and resurrection, He knew patience was about what He did while He was waiting. Instead of feeling above ordinary, Jesus esteemed ordinary and allowed God to use it.

And, because of that, Jesus grew in wisdom. Jesus grew in His relationship with God. Jesus grew in His relationship with people. And we can, and more, too – if we approach our in-between as Jesus did.


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